10 Online Entrepreneurs Every Startup Founder Should Follow

10 Online Entrepreneurs Every Startup Founder Should Follow

Most young entrepreneurs, at least those who I know, would love to have a mentor on their side. Someone who could provide some kind of guidance on their way to building a great company.

It is tough enough anyway. You will make a ton of mistakes and you need to fight yourself through the trial and error game day in day out.

How valuable would it be if you had someone who had already some of these mistakes and who protects you from doing the same bullsh*t?

Nearly priceless, I would say.

But if you grow up in an average working town like I did, you won’t find a lot of successful entrepreneurs in your neighborhood. At least not in my case.

So how do you start getting in touch with these guys?

There are many ways to meet rich people to pick their brain, but if you want to start now, just skip the time wasting fluff on your Facebook news feed or by reading nonsense tweets and start following entrepreneurs who can help you move forward with your business and finances.

10 Online Entrepreneurs To Follow

Here’s the list of online entrepreneurs I personally follow and really think are some of the best out there to help you achieve your financial goals:

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1. Ramit Sethi

Ramit is the founder of IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com and a NYTimes bestselling author of the same named book. He studied psychology & technology at Stanford and bootstrapped his blog to over 500,000 visitors a month. Just recently, I heard a great interview with him on the Tim Ferriss Show. It had so many insights for me, especially concerning how to deal with critics and pursuing your dream.

If you want to learn how to automate your finances or build a consulting business on the side, you should definitely check out his page.

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2. Mark Thompson

Mark is one of my idols when it comes to building a lean online business that you can run from your bedroom or on any other place on earth. He’s the founder of digitalkickstart.com, where he builds and promotes different kinds of software and coaching programs for marketers.

His current project SellerKickstart is an amazing 6-week course to teach passionate students about how to build and grow an online business completely from scratch. It is worth checking out!

We once had the opportunity to chat a bit on skype and I can genuinely say he is also a very nice and helpful guy.

Noah Kagan

3. Noah Kagan

Noah is a former Facebook and Mint employee and a co-founder of Appsumo, Sumo Me and his personal blog OkDork. I don’t know if there is another guy out there who gives as much value to online entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs with free advice and tools than him.

You can really call him a startup superstar. With his weekly newsletter on Appsumo, he reaches over 700,000+ subscribers and has transformed many lives with his course How To Make Your First Dollar.

The difference between his approach and most others is the fact that he prefers to validate a business idea as quickly as possible. What this means is that you should ask for money before you even build your product/ website or deliver your service. He also forces you to attack your inner fear of failure and move forward until you get your first dollar.

A great guy and definitely worth following.

Lewis Howes

4. Lewis Howes

He is the most passionate guy out of all these online entrepreneurs! Lewis strongly believes that anybody with passion, focus, and a consistent vision can live the ideal lifestyle they’ve always dreamed about.

His story is remarkable. As a former professional football player, he found himself sleeping on his sister’s couch after a sport accident. Broke and in debt, he started looking for opportunities to make some money online.

He found LinkedIn useful and started connecting with authorities in the sport industry. After Lewis built his tribe online, he started organizing live events and made his first couple of thousand dollars a month. Two years, one bestseller book and some successful online courses later, he runs a million dollar business while traveling the world.

Lewis thinks that life should be lived passionately otherwise you’re playing another person’s game. Check out his podcast called School of Greatness and get inspired!

Kerwin Rae

5. Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae is one of the world’s best business coaches and entrepreneurs. I saw Kerwin for the first time a year ago during a live business event in Sydney and he blew my mind with his attitude, energy and way of teaching business concepts.

He is not only an online entrepreneur, but he helps also offline businesses to grow exponentially.

Kerwin gives a lot of business advice for free on his website, so even if you don’t have the money to hire him as a mentor, you can get a touch of his mastery.

Neil Patel

6. Neil Patel

Neil is the co-founder of KISSMetrics, CrazyEgg and Quicksprout. There are not many entrepreneurs who know more about building successful online businesses than Neil. On his blog, he gives really good advice about building traffic AND how to transform this traffic into a revenue stream.

He once helped TechCrunch to increase their traffic by 30% and now you can get the same knowledge from his Traffic School to build your startup. Let’s learn from the best!

Brian Moran

7. Brian Moran

When it comes to Facebook marketing, Brian Moran is one of the most respected authorities who teaches small business owners how to use Facebook to grow their customer base by transforming their fans into paying customers.

He actually started his first online startup “TrainBaseball” based on his passion for baseball and he used Facebook as his primary distribution channel. As he built his fan page to more than 10,000 fans, the idea was born for his second business Get 10,000 Fans, which subsequently grew to more than 360,000 fans and over 1 million in revenue over the course of one year. Pretty awesome.

Eben Pagan

8. Eben Pagan

You may know Eben better under his other name “David DeAngelo” from DoubleYourDates.com, where he teaches men all around the world how to attract more women.

There were times when he had over 1 million people on his email list. Today, it is still the most successful dating education site for men. But he didn’t stop there. After this amazing success, he started GetAltitude, where he teaches entrepreneurs to achieve more success in their business.

There are courses for any business level and a lot of free advice too.

Jeff Walker

9. Jeff Walker

Jeff is the creator of The Product Launch Formula and he wrote internet history when he made 1 million dollars in 24 hours with one single product launch. I’ve been on his list now for more than a year and I really appreciate his natural way of teaching marketing and business lessons in a casual t-shirt with a mountain side in the back.

In 2014, he published his first book “Launch”, which immediately landed on the NYTimes bestseller list. He has a passion for helping entrepreneurs to structure ingenious product launches where he gives a lot of value for free upfront.

Almost every other entrepreneur on this list uses his strategy to promote new products. So maybe you should too!?

Vishen Lakhiani

10. Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of MindValley, a publishing company for individuals who want to live healthier, enhance their happiness and expand their potential.

One of his products is Zentrepreneur where he provides access to an exclusive mastermind group for startup and small business owners online, which is coupled with live events.

He is not the kind of guy who is particularly interested in making you more money, but to help you live a richer life with a lot more purpose and happiness.

Actually, this is what this post is all about. I didn’t name this blog post “10 Online Entrepreneurs Who Can Make You Financially Rich” and I did it on purpose because I believe that being an entrepreneur is much more than being financially rich.

It is more a way of life and a conscious decision to serve other people and improve their lives with great products and services.

From my own experience, that is what gives you more satisfaction and a feeling of wealth than money itself. So keep hustling and reach for your dreams.

Please tell me what you think in the comments below.

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  • SimonM

    Lovely stuff and very helpful – thank you! I thought i was up on my research, but had only heard of three of these guys. Thought: why no women?