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Hi, I’m Paul, the founder of…paul_founder_financehackers

I want to know – Do you ever ask yourself any of these questions…

– How can I start my own lifestyle business without much money?

– How can I boost cash flow in my startup?

– How do I manage money like the rich do to achieve my financial goals?

– How can I develop the same mindset as millionaire entrepreneurs?

– How do I get money for my business without chasing investors or banks?

Or anything else which has to do with money, business and living the “New Rich” lifestyle.

If you are looking for some answersYou’re in the right place!

What is Finance Hacking?

You’ve probably heard the term “Growth Hacking” before, which was developed from Sean Ellis and mentioned on his Startup Marketing blog in 2010. Growth Hacking describes the techniques, tools and so called “hacks” which can be implemented with limited resources. Implementing these hacks leads to a higher growth rate for a startup company in the form of more users and visitors.

For a growth hacker, growth is the only measured goal.

It’s slightly different than general marketing because it can also be a part of the product creation. For example a feature in a SaaS product or improvements on a sales letter that causes viral growth.

On Finance Hackers we use these growth hacks to teach you how to flood your business accounts with fresh cash quickly.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business and so it is necessary to know how to answer the questions above.

Here’s how we want to help you get ahead in your business and life!

We are building a community of successful entrepreneurs, growth hackers and business experts to help you to make more money while doing what you love.

For most entrepreneurs, the financial element of managing their business is not the favourite, but is critical for building a great sustainable business.

For many wantrepreneurs/entrepreneurs the lack of money while starting a business as well as knowing how to increase cash flow is one of the biggest issues.

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Meet the FinanceHackers Team

Paul has a bachelor degree in economics and worked for several years as a sales manager in the financial service sector. He is passionate about helping young entrepreneurs start a business they love and manage their money more effectively.

Roman has over 12 years experience as a marketing manager for a nationwide retail company. Now he helps small offline businesses to get more clients through their online marketing. With his skills in web design and development he takes over all the techie tasks for Finance Hackers.